Chita Peninsula

Chita Peninsula is a place of scenic beauty surrounded by Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay, located in the south of Nagoya city. Chita has thrived as the land of craftmanship such as the more than a millennium of Tokoname ware history and the Chita cotton and brewing industry including traditional sake, miso and tamari.

Known for picturesque fishing villages surrounded by the ocean and with idyllic mountains, fields and gardens. Popular marine entertainment includes clam digging in spring and swimming in summer. Chita peninsula is open to international travelers as the gateway to Chubu Centrair International Airport.

With its warm climate, Chita also goes by the name “land of everlasting spring”. Come discover the past, present and future of welcoming through friendly people, the blessings of nature and healing for the soul.

We look forward to your visit to Chita Peninsula.

Chita Peninsula Guide MapPDF(5.5MB)